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Strippers in Las Vegas: Things We Never Knew


We all know that Las Vegas is known for a lot of things which includes buffets, quickie weddings, spectacles and a lot more. But apart from that, Las Vegas is also known for exotic dancers that are commonly referred to as strippers. In a lot of way, these strippers are like the rest of the human population, except in some ways that are completely unlike us.


Well, almost all of us know that strippers are independent contractors and they pay to play which means that they are the one paying the strip club for them to be able to work on the floor on a given evening. For some clubs in Las Vegas, they pay $80 flat fee.


Apart from that, each dancer from gentlemens club las vegas also have the option to pay for an additional fee for them not to dance in the club stage. Some of the clubs in Las Vegas, the stripper has to pay $50 for them not to dance on stage. If they appear on stage, it becomes a good commodity for these young dancers although it is not as lucrative as that of lap dancing and private rooms, but it is always worth the money for them to avoid being pulled away from a potential yet profitable client.


This sounds weird but strippers actually make more money when they are ovulating. Well, there are some people who investigate on this matter and they actually found scientific proof that it is true! According to the study conducted by the University of Mexico, dancers make an average of $30 more every hour when they are ovulating. We also know that women on pill do not ovulate thus making significantly less. For more facts and information about strip clubs, you can go to


Almost all bachelorette las vegas strippers has a refined sense wherein clients wants to have a good return of investments. Whenever a dancer check out the rooms full of clients, they have a few things they would look for them to know that the client has money or not. They would check the man's shoes, watch and nails. (If the stripper found out that the man recently has manicures then he is well off.)


Although being wealthy does not always translate to making money from the customer. When a man has a very modest means can often generate the most rewards.


Surprisingly, dancers often watch how much money a man has every time he opens his wallet to buy drink or give tip to a dancer. Most often, men do not have the time to make a trip to the ATM which is why most often the investment is limited to the cash he has on his wallet.


And lastly, a more interesting insight into the world of tip spotting is that most dancers agree that overweight men are the best tippers which no one knows why.